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So in a fit of vanity....
bowie lips sepia
...I decided to do some googling, just for shits and giggles. 

unusually large nipples

(I'm assuming the phrase 'on the pull' triggered this, but I still find it fucking hilarious.)

(Also, my nipples are not unusually large.  They're proportionate.  Go to hell, ljseek.)

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*snicker* That's class, right there.

Take a gander at this screen cap from 'The I Inside' starring Ryan Phillipe & Robert Sean Leonard:

what the fuck?

A friend Joel's theory: "Maybe all that House MD slash has RSL as the femme type because he has those giant womanly nipples.''

Take comfort in the fact you are a girl.


I spent way too much time looking for my bootleg of "The Robinsons" to get a screenshot of Martin Freeman's nipples, to no avail. Take my word for it when I say that they're like pink meringues just sitting there on his chest.

Nipples & navels, little off-putting to me in person.

However I enjoy any discussion concerning some poor, bare-chested guy's (Usually an actor) odd navel shape, nipple size or whether they have "Poor Nipple Placement."

By the by, do you or anyone else have theories on this?

Light Chest Hair:


Dark Chest Hair:


A new 'Grecian Formula' product?

Ha! I've seen this picture and wondered the same thing.

They might have put product on it, like whatever grease they smeared in his hair. It looks kind of matted. But that could just be my lizard brain going directly to sweat-damp chest.

(...and now I'm stuck on sweat-damp chest)

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