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I'm not dead.  There's that.

Physically, I'm just fine.  It's only the brain that's rotten.  Nothing new there, though.

I don't even know if I'm excited for Series 3.  Part of me is, but I've been disconnected from fandom for so long...  I blame Tumblr.  Too many teenage girls.

I haven't written much of anything in a very long time.  I blame Dawn of the Dragons.  Stupid flash game.  At least it got me some lovin', though.

It's odd to be in a relationship again, and a long-distance one at that.  I forget how hard it is for me to balance emotions and anxiety.

I really hope 2014 is better than 2013.

Happy New Year, everyone.
bowie lips sepia

New fic and more whining

So I wrote a new story just in time for Halloween and posted it on AO3.  Why not post it here, you ask?  Because a few minutes after I put it up on AO3, my monitor decided to take a shit and die.  Good times.

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But anyway, here's the link to the story on AO3:

The Haunting of Molly Hooper (R for graphic violence; Gen, 8.5k words)
Summary:  Things are happening to Molly Hooper that she can't explain.

I have to warn you, it's not that good or my usual kind of thing, but I've been mainlining those real-life paranormal shows and horror movies since the beginning of the month, so.  At least I finally finished something, hooray!